South Side School

Welcome to the Friends of South Side

In 1922, this nationally historic designated building was opened as one of the first elementary schools in Broward County to serve the expanding population of South Florida’s real estate boom. This old school served the community until 1990, when notwithstanding renovations and modifications over time to use and facilities its doors were shut! Saved from the wrecking ball of South Florida’s most recent real estate boom by a grass roots movement and collaborative effort of multiple governmental entities, this old school will soon be ready to rock again!

Located in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale, this 11,000 square foot building is being restored to a condition compatible to its original design and size to serve the cultural and educational demands, desires and aspirations of the community and its leaders. In a setting adjacent to seven (7) plus acres of park land, with a newly constructed boundless playground for children of all abilities, this facility affords an opportunity for children of all ages to teach, learn and share ideas, skills and dreams about the arts. Available programs and opportunities will to be limited only by the imagination of those crossing its threshold.

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State of the City Address and Ribbon cutting ceremony for the South Side Cultural Arts Center

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