The City Commission on December 21, 2010 expressed consensus approval for the concept of entering into an arrangement for the operation of the South Side School facility by Nova. Vice Mayor Rogers was to take the lead on working with Nova and the Friends of South Side, which was anticipated to serve on the advisory board to negotiate the terms that would address the concerns raised by the Friends and to assure that there would be time allotment for public meetings in the facility. The Friends did not support the proposal as submitted.
The City hoped the item could be brought back again in January to discuss the operation of the South Side School. At the January 19, 2011 meeting the status of negotiations and construction were again addressed. The minutes from that meeting have NOT been posted, however as soon as the minutes are up they will be posted on our “latest news”page of the website. Some construction has been halted to address design modifications sought by Nova. The parties reported that they are continuing to attempt to reach an accord to address public access and use, preservation of the historical nature of the site and intent of the community for its preservation, as well as accountability to assure compliance with those commitments. Please forward all comments via our website, If you would like to visit the city website and check the minutes for yourself please click on the following link,