Bid submittals for completion of the construction of the improvements for South Side have now been completed. The review and selection process of the contractors is now being undertaken by the City of Fort Lauderdale’s
Architectural and Engineering Departments. Recommendation for approval of an award of the Contract to the responsive, qualified, low bidder is scheduled to occur at the evening City Commission meeting on September 7, 2010.

In the afternoon on the same day at the conference agenda, the Friends of Southside will be submitting for review, input and approval by the Commission of a public/private operation/lease agreement that will have the Friends of Southside charged with the oversight of the facility’s operation. Review of other successful facilities (and some unsuccessful ones as well) have identified that in order to meet effectively and with the requisite flexibility the needs of the community in the spirit in which the property was acquired. This format would be the most cost effective means for the operation of this facility.

Please air your support, encouragement and ideas to us and those charged with the review and approval process. Please click the contact information page for the address, email and other contact information.