Restoration Timeline

May 1996 City of Fort Lauderdale Commission Resolution South Side as a Local Historic Landmark
May 2002 South Side School – State Register of Historic Places
Nov 2003 Friends of South Side Committee Formed
Feb 2004 Asbestos Survey
Mar 2004 Florence C. Hardy Park Master Plan Completed
Jun 15, 2004 South Side School! Adjacent 3.6 Acres Purchased
Jul 17, 2004 City Commissioner Cindi Hutchinson! Friends of South Side South Side Renovation Kick Off Community Clean Up (Citizens Volunteer Corps)
Nov 2004 Demolition Exterior Ancillary Buildings
Feb 2005 Archeological Phase I Survey
Jun 1, 2005 South Side Alumni Officially Formed
Jun 11, 2005 South Side Alumni – Luncheon/Tour of South Side
Aug 2005 City RFQ for Architectural Design Services Selection – Nov. 2000 City Commission Approval
Sept 2005 South Side – Asbestos Remediation
Sept 7, 2005 Topographic and Tree Survey
Sept 20, 2005 City Commission Approval of Conceptual Programming/Design
Oct 2005 South Side CIP Approval by City Commission National Historic Application! Preliminary Approval South Side Interior Demolition/CIean Up
Nov 16, 2005 City Application – Cultural Facilities Grant Placed on State Priority Funding List
Dec 6, 2005 City Commission Approved -Design Team
Feb 2006 City Contracted with RJ .Heisenbottle, Architect Natl. Historic Designation – sent by FI. Natl. Reg. Rev Board to Keeper of Natl. Register, Wash., D.C.
Feb 2010 Finished Exterior renovation of South Side School.
August 2010 Launched website:
September 2010 Award the contract for Interior renovation of South Side Cultural Arts Center.
March 2011 Anticipating completion of Interior construction for South Side Cultural Arts Center.