Ovens, Warming Ovens, Microwave, Venting System, Refrigerators, Ice Maker, Sinks (with disposals), Pantry, Upgraded Counter tops, LCD Monitors for Video display, Pans and Utensils, Linens, Dishes, Trash Compactor.

Courtyard (seating 75)
Upgrade surface, tables, chairs and umbrellas, Special Planting Containers and trellis, Gardening Equipment, Exterior Storage Space, small sink, and water access.

Performance Area
Exterior Sound, light and stage equipment.

Technology Room (Wireless DSL)
Laptop Computers, Mobil Laptop Cart, Printers, One 42″ Monitor, Video equipment, two cameras, editing software, Pull down screen.

Art Rooms
Work benches, Easels, Supplies.

Dance Room
Mirrors, Warmup bars, Sound System.

Hanging System, lighting Pedestals, Display Cases.
Historical Gallery
Showcases, Oral History Playback Equipment, Archival Storage Space (Cabinet, folder).

Ceramic/Clay Studio and Kiln Room
Kilns E282 Easyfire Kiln 3″ brick, Furniture/Accessory kit, Downdraft vent, Siaboller, Potter Wheels, Shelves, Drying Cabinet, Vent Installation and electric, Supplies, Workbenches.

Artist Residency Programs
Guest Chefs, Visual Artist, Performers, “Young At Arts Children Museum”, “Public Art Projects” .